Artisan, Craftsman, Direct Sales

Hi!  My name is Marla. I am an Artisan working with Cascade Valley Farm.  Cascade Valley Farm is a business dedicated to not only selling their own craft but also, helping other artisans and craftsmen sell their craft.   Often people have a talent for doing something beautifully but have source for marketing their product, as this can be very time consuming and expensive.  That's where Cascade Valley Farm comes in.  Holly will take your products pictures ,put a mark up on your price, place it on her website , and take orders for you.  Once there is an order for your product, you do the packaging and shipping and get paid by Holly.  It's as simple as that. Leave all the advertising to Holly and her team and you ship your ordered sales.

So that being said, I would like to explain the difference between an Artisan and a Craftsman or Craftswoman.  Artisans tend to work more for the artistic appeal of what they deal in, whereas craftsmen are those who have mastered their craft and are more into mass-production of their product.

We are all crafters. The traits of true crafters is their work is a testament to their dedication to the craft. Passion, Attention to detail, Patience, Perseverance, Innovation, and Respect for tradition.

I also want to say that there are many many various kinds of crafts,  sewing, baking, painting, sculpting, jewelry making, making and using holistic remedies, woodworking, forging, and yes even raising back yard chickens and other homesteading products.  You name it, if it is a hands on experience their is unique knowledge and craft of the  product. 


Here on Cascade Valley Farm website we do not sell product from direct sales.  Direct sales is a business model that involves a party buying products from a parent organization and selling them directly to customers. Sorry, but we do not do this form of marketing.

So , if you have a product that you hand produce, give us a call and we can get you set up quite quickly and easily.  

Thanks for visiting our blog and from our team to yours.....Happy Crafting!

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